ACTUALLY, VIRTUAL by Howard Diamond, CPS

Originally posted by Well-Being EX on November 19, 2020 at 5:14pm

Actually Virtual or is it Virtually Actual? No problems here. Stating for

the record, this is what I am trying to figure out, actually. Perhaps an

ideal way to begin here was by using virtual means, my tablet. Daunting

task that this was, I challenged myself which made me more confident in 

my overall abilities to write. Despite what was going on around us, I also

agreed to grab the virtual bull by the horn and take on this quest by telling 

an actual accurate article. Say that five times fast.

With COVID19 still running around without a glimpse of an end in sight, 

there are many people that remain out of work. For me, I am a New York 

State Certified Peer Specialist. Currently,  I am on disability and sort of

looking for part-time Peer Specialist positions. Also, while searching 

for employment, I noticed that openings were posted with the future 

interviews being held in both actual and virtual formats. So, it is up to

Sherlock Holmes, (me of course), to solve this mystery. 

Virtual means almost or nearly as described. However, not completely 

or according to a strict definition. It is merely feasible or imagined. Not

anything to be afraid of, but it will take practice to use the media gizmos

that are used. For me as well. Sometimes, virtual is fabricated or made up 

in someone’s imagination in an effort to embellish a story. Recently, in 

this 21st Century, virtual is used by computer techs and many average

individuals to simulate an item(s) or person(s) that are not there. Wave, 

everyone. All of us, including Peer Specialists, like myself, live in a world of 

many modern conveniences, like virtual meetings where we don’t leave the 

house to attend.

An example is a series of virtual events that has been happening in 2020

until November 3rd. Yes, I am talking about Election Day. What occurs 

virtually, is that most pollsters go around the country gathering a lot of

their information on a variety of different issues. Then, it is interpreted 

and reported virtually what was found and finally they make assumptions 

why and which candidate people voted for. Now this is how the process 

starts. Predictions reign supreme here. 

Let us discuss the word actual. It is shown as a concept or idea that

exists entirely in fact. This is done quite typically by what was intended 

to be as a contrast with that was possibly expected or even thought of 

or believed. Always actual is known to be correct or precise. Also, actual 

happens now and in current terms. Going back to the elections, November 

3rd is Election Day (actual fact). Each vote is painstakingly counted 

(actual fact) and the exercise continues.

However, in the 2000 Presidential Election between Al Gore and

George Bush, there were allegiance discrepancies in the ways actual votes

were counted. It felt like to me as if some people caste their ballots in a

virtual device, playing with the flippers quite similarly to a pinball machine or 

tapped keys on a computer. Perhaps, it was regarding a variety of queries 

incorrectly or these votes were not totaled. Eventually, most or all of the 

tabulations were both finalized and revealed. George Bush was determined 

o win and a few months later he was inaugurated as the President of the 

United States. The rest, shall we say, is History. Go ahead, everyone fact 

check this actually.

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet

combining audio and video, chat tools and application sharing. They offer a 

way to engage people in fully interactive, online learning experiences such as, 

lectures, discussions and tutoring. Also, during a virtual meeting, it becomes

significantly harder to discern people’s facial expression and feelings about 

the topic being mentioned. 

As a Peer Specialist, I have gone to many meetings, both actual and virtual

ones.  Personally, I have no preference. There are advantages for each way. 

Virtual meetings gives me the space where I am to do other things or even 

leave with minimal distractions. Often times, meetings are held and seen

in different cities or states and people do not have to travel. Since COVID19, 

more virtual conferences are common place and can be seen and heard 

anywhere plus anytime. 

At many actual seminars, one can share thoughts and opinions to a live

person besides them. Commonalities are seen on the spot and as written

earlier, facial expressions and gestures are noticed more easily. When we 

are in front of someone, expounding of thoughts and ideas occur, which 

leads to a more effective dialog. In addition, these actual statements can

occasionally turn into long term professional relationships.

In the paragraphs above, we might have learned about the differences

between actual and virtual. Before this article concludes, I will try to give 

two additional examples. Hopefully, effectively too. Election Day was 

actually this week in the United States, so it is was our constitutional right 

as citizens to vote. This year we can vote virtually with absentee ballots or

go to a polling place on that day and do our duty and put in an actual vote. 

Also, I am talking about my significant other, Maureen, who actually died 

on June 12, 2015.  When I think about her here or somewhere else, it can 

only be virtual, but my feelings are actual. Of course, these feelings are 

most definitely and actually true! Sweetie, I love you, I miss you and I still

wish you were here. See you in the News Blogs.



Howard Diamond lives in Long Island, New York.  Howard is a New York State Certified Peer Specialist.  He enjoys writing and contributes written pieces regularly to the Well-Being EXchange.


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“Breathe” – a street sign along a path in Laguna Beach, CA (USA)

Who hasn’t experienced a moment of stress or anxiety when someone close by who notices or situation gives us a simple one word instruction, “Breathe.” What do they really mean when they say, “breathe?” I am going to guess that what they are seeking to communicate is that our breathe is one of our most accessible self-regulatory tools and if we have a properly practiced breathing routine it would allow us to arrest moments of anxiety, stress, and anger simply by our knowledge and understanding of breathing. With that said, for me personally I spent close to 41 years on planet earth before I ever encountered an actual how-to lesson explaining a so-called, breathing technique. Oy vey!!

#GivingHope on #GivingTuesday, #KOTS Announces 1st Annual #GivingHopeDay

KOTS Giving Hope Day 2018 - ALT

Calling all BADD AZZEZ,

On Giving Tuesday, November 27th Facebook and PayPal are matching the first $7 Million Dollars in donations made to non-profit organizations made through Facebook. Want to join us in supporting a good cause? We’re raising money for Knock Out the Stigma, Inc., (“KOTS”), and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.  For example, if you donate $10 during the match period on Tuesday, KOTS will receive $20 in funds from Facebook & PayPal’s match of $10.

This #GivingTuesday KOTS is #givinghope, November 27, 2018 K.O.T.S. is fundraising for #mentalhealthawareness. #Hope is the 1st stage of #mentalhealth #recovery. Join us by donating or creating a fundraiser to support Knock Out The Stigma, Inc. on #givinghopeday2018.

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4 Stages of Recovery HopeDay

#Hope is the first stage in the four stages of mental health recovery. We were introduced to the 4 stages of mental health recovery as proposed by Dr. Mark Ragins, MD through Project Return Peer Support Network as a part of their six-week Peer Professional Training & Placement Program, (PPTP). Our founder, Don West, Jr. graduated as a member of the PPTP Fall 2018 Cohort.

The four stages are:

1 – Hope;

2 – Empowerment;

3 – Self-Responsibility; and,

4 – A Meaningful Role In Life.

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Donate easily today on Facebook:

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K.O.T.S. Holiday Help Lines

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