What Is Your Keystone? – Video

What Is Your Keystone?

What is the most important thing in your life to keep you moving forward toward your goals? What #habits are you building during this #quarantine period? Let’s talk about it…

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You can check out the original blog post here from 2018 that inspired this video:


LIVE Digital Peer Support Journal No 001: Back to Basics Six Tips & Suggestions to Support a Balanced State of Mind During Stay-At-Home and Physical (Social) Distancing 2020

Originally, a Facebook LIVE broadcast on the organization’s Facebook page.

In the video clip below, Well-Being Life Coach & Certifed Peer Specialist, Don West, Jr., (Founder, K.O.T.S), offers some tips and advice on how to develop a routine that supports being in balance.  In this video Don explores how the loss of a job, the feeling of security, or of being in control is indeed a loss which can result in grief.  Encouraging us to be aware and make space for this new reality with a sense of self-compassion.

Here is a link to Don’s morning music playlist that he references in the video: https://pandora.app.link/YO7WYlwIl5

In the video Don references Generational Chic, which is a group of ladies from Huntsville, Alabama that are also his Mom, Sister, and niece. Here is a clip of the video he is talking about although in this episode his sister is missing due to physical distancing.

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What Is The Role of The Peer Support Specialist?

In today’s Well-Being Lesson, Don West, Jr., CPS, shares his views and insights on the role of a Peer Support Specialist in the mental health recovery process.

The most unique qualification of a peer specialist is that they have invaluable “lived experience” which goes beyond the clinical and academic training other counselors and professionals relie upon. Don is a duly Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and refers to his team as Peer Support Superheros aka Well-Being and Recovery Coaches.

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Kobe Bryant on The Power of Sleep & Meditation

Kobe Bryant had a legendary fitness routine that started at 4am with his first of 3 workouts for the day. Here, Kobe shares that sleep and meditation were essential to him being able to perform at his legendary levels of basketball greatness. Check it out and see if you the massage makes sense to you. If it does, how are you going to incorporate the lessons into your daily program?

Yoga is an Evidence-Based Tool for Well-Being and Science Agrees

In my own journey I found yoga in the summer of 2001 at a studio in South Miami.  Those initial sessions activated and shifted something in my body that I sensed immediately and I was both convinced of the benefits and hooked on this life-altering practice.  While my practice has not been constant over the past 19 years my conviction in it benefits have never wavered.  As I have become more resolute in my own self-care routine, yoga and meditation again anchor my daily routine.

This is a clip I found on YouTube by Laura Plumb exploring the science of yoga. You can find the full documentary HERE

#GivingHope on #GivingTuesday, #KOTS Announces 1st Annual #GivingHopeDay

KOTS Giving Hope Day 2018 - ALT

Calling all BADD AZZEZ,

On Giving Tuesday, November 27th Facebook and PayPal are matching the first $7 Million Dollars in donations made to non-profit organizations made through Facebook. Want to join us in supporting a good cause? We’re raising money for Knock Out the Stigma, Inc., (“KOTS”), and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.  For example, if you donate $10 during the match period on Tuesday, KOTS will receive $20 in funds from Facebook & PayPal’s match of $10.

This #GivingTuesday KOTS is #givinghope, November 27, 2018 K.O.T.S. is fundraising for #mentalhealthawareness. #Hope is the 1st stage of #mentalhealth #recovery. Join us by donating or creating a fundraiser to support Knock Out The Stigma, Inc. on #givinghopeday2018.

Donate easily today on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/1980082018752520/

4 Stages of Recovery HopeDay

#Hope is the first stage in the four stages of mental health recovery. We were introduced to the 4 stages of mental health recovery as proposed by Dr. Mark Ragins, MD through Project Return Peer Support Network as a part of their six-week Peer Professional Training & Placement Program, (PPTP). Our founder, Don West, Jr. graduated as a member of the PPTP Fall 2018 Cohort.

The four stages are:

1 – Hope;

2 – Empowerment;

3 – Self-Responsibility; and,

4 – A Meaningful Role In Life.

Donate easily today on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/1980082018752520/

Donate easily today on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/1980082018752520/

Additionally, K.O.T.S. has achieved the 2018 Bronze Seal GuideStar USA #NonprofitProfile Check us out: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/9735700

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K.O.T.S. Holiday Help Lines

We know someone out there is having a tough time right now, share this info this season, it will help someone. Remember, you’re not alone!!

Download this pic on your device and save it somewhere convenient, pass it on to anyone who can use the information…

Join us, and help #KnockOutTheStigma surrounding #mentalhealth. #help #hotlines

“Forgive Me My Trespasses” – Peer Profile – Ramona Bridges

Ramona Bridges is a classmate of our founder Don West, Jr. in the Project Return Peer Support Network’s (PRPSN) [www.prpsn.org] Peer Professional Training & Placement Program (PPTP) Fall ’18 Cohort.  Ramona has a beautiful spirit and a compelling story detailing her life’s journey and challenges encountered as a result of being arrested for trespassing as one of thousands of Los Angeles County’s homeless individuals.

In addition to the documentary, shared above, she also has written a book by the same title, “Forgive Me My Trespasses” by: Ramona Bridges.  Her book is available from Amazon.com for $12.99, there is a link below.

You are not alone – KOTS Peer Profile No. 001 – Tracey Williams

KOTS TV – Peer Profile

September 10, 2018 was World Suicide Prevention Day. #KOTS founder @officialdonwestjr sat down with Tracey Williams, a fellow DBSA Certified Peer Specialist and talked a bit about her finding her voice, and her journey of #hope, and #recovery. Enjoy the conversation and pick up some great tools below from Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services and find more resources on there website HERE.

6 Question Suicide Prevention Assessment

6 Question Suicide Prevention Assessment Tool_1

10 Reasons to Visit www.SPRC.org


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