What Is Your Keystone?

The ancient trade of stone masonery is one that demands precision and mastery of one’s craft in order to achieve an acceptable finished product. In many ways this is similar to the formula for success in our daily lives, the more we master our tools and apply them with precision to the circumstances that arise, the more acceptable we find our finished product. Here we have a stone arch which happens to be one of my favorite architectural elements. Stones are cut and fitted in such a way that they can be stacked to hold and support one another. In the design of this archway there is one stone that is absolutely critical to the strength and integrity of the entire structure, this special stone is called the keystone.

Without the keystone in place the arch will not hold its shape. All the other stones will tumble and fall to the ground. In our personal life journeys we each have lots of stones that make up our personal archway. One stone may represent our income from our job(s) or business(es). Another stone may be your intimate relationship. All the elements that make up our life represent one of our stones. However, each one of us has a keystone, that one thing that is critically essential to all the other stones staying in place and performing their proper functions.

If we look at a person who has recovered from an addiction as an example, that person’s keystone would likely be their sobriety. As long as their sobriety is in place all the other areas of their life are able to function. But, if that sobriety is removed it will likely impact a number of stones and perhaps cause the entire arch to crumble. It thus becomes of vital importance that someone with sobriety as their keystone acquire and master the tools necessary to maintain their sobriety in order to maintain all the other stones in their life. The same principle will apply no matter what you ultimately determine your keystone to be.


1) What is your keystone?

2) How many tools have you mastered to help support your keystone?

3) Do you know what you need from your partner, family, and friends to assist with maintaining your keystone?


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